How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof?

roof replacement of a residential house, half replaced, half not yet

Every family’s safety highly depends on the roof of their home. You cannot call it a home, if it’s not capable of protecting you from the storm, the snow, and the sun from morning ‘til night. Over time, roofs become weak and show damages that people often neglect simply because it’s hard to tell from below. 

Cost of Roof Replacement Service

When your roof needs to be replaced, make sure you get the protection you paid for. In such a case, being aware of the common pricing of the service is crucial. A comprehensive roof assessment is often conducted before you get an estimate. Homeowners may expect the price to range from $12,000 to $15,000, based on a house made up of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a workable roof pitch. Otherwise, you may also inquire about the pricing based on the following factors:

Type of roof materials.

This includes asphalt, synthetic, cedar shake, slate, and metal roofs. Each type varies in lifespan, in design, and also in price. Likewise, the amount to pay may be different based on the structure of your house, whether it’s a one-story, two-story, etc.


Small as they may appear, nails are important things to consider in estimating the entire amount of price to pay for a roof replacement service. Typically, normal roofing requires 2 boxes of nails which can be approximately $27 each.

Ice and water barrier.

Ice and water barriers may be included for additional protection. This will prevent the water from creeping into your home due to storms, snow, and freeze/thaw. It is recommended to have at least two layers of the barrier to guarantee the safety of your roof and home.


Once shingles get damaged, leaks and mold can develop inside your home. An underlayment provides extra protection to maintain your home’s safety from water damage. This is a code requirement, but it’s a good idea to ensure your contractor installs it.

Starter shingles.

Underneath the main shingle is the starter shingle, which makes sure that the seams are protected from water and direct it off your roof. It keeps water from sitting on or entering your home.


Proper airflow can be achieved through ventilation which is also required for good roofing. Hot air needs to leave the ceiling or attic of your home, so there will be no growth of mold or rotting materials.

Roof flashing.

Aside from the starter shingles, roof flashing also helps in allowing water to flow out of your roof by sealing the joints and other vulnerable parts. This is commonly not included in the estimate for a roof replacement service because it is considered another service. It requires the removal of some siding or cutting current wood. You may ask your contractor to add this to the service to ensure a complete repair.

Drip edge.

Most roofing contractors neglect this part of the roof, which is essential in allowing water to flow property into the gutters to avoid rotting. Drip edge contributes to the look of your home while also keeping insects and water out.

Boards in place to start removing shingles and tiles from modern home

Roofing Professionals You Can Trust!

Always remember, the roof of your home is the first line of defense that your family has. Therefore, when it comes to its installation, replacement, or repair, homeowners must trust only the most reputable roofing company. Checking your roof regularly for any issues like leaks and clogs should be given serious attention to ensure 100% protection from storms and snow.

At Roofing Nampa ID, we take every roofing project we perform with care and precision. With our help, every corner of your roof will be checked to diagnose any underlying issues that need to be resolved immediately. Roofing damages and leaks are left unnoticed most of the time because it is too risky to get up to your roof alone.

Save more money, time, and effort by entrusting your roofing needs to the experts. Our staff of highly-skilled roofers at Roofing Nampa ID have undergone intensive training to do this dangerous task properly. As professionals, we also respect your family’s privacy during construction and repair. We make sure to do the job discreetly to avoid interrupting your daily activities. We are always ready to help, so call us now at 208-216-1123. Whether it’s before the storm or after, we’re here for you!

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