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Meridian: Where Everyone is Welcome

Meridian is the fastest-growing city in Ada County and one of fastest growing cities in the entire United States. It is also the second-largest city in the state, with a total population of 117,635 in the 2020 census. The city was first established with the name Hunter in 1891 and later on was changed to Meridian when the Independent Organization of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) was created.

Meridian was located on the Boise Meridian, thus, its name. In 1892, the city was transformed into a productive farming community by the Settler’s Irrigation Ditch. Meridian was then incorporated in 1902, with a total land area of 26.84 square miles. It is also home to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association of Idaho, a federation of 35 individual US health insurance companies, and Scentsy, a multi-level marketing company based in the US that sells scented products like wax and warmers.

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Reasons to Live in Meridian

While Meridian’s economy grows rapidly each year, its recreational and arts, and cultural areas also become more popular. They give potential residents and visitors more reasons to choose Meridian as their next home.

Safe and secured community

Meridian is a town focused on the welfare of its inhabitants. The crime rate is as low as .08 percent in the city and all streets are maintained, clean, and in good condition. Also, the city ranked top 1 in the 2015 USA Today’s list of top cities to live in.

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Affordable housing Meridian ID Roof Repair and Replacement Service

Affordable housing

A lot of choices for your next home here in Meridian await you. The city has all types, from simple townhouses to lofts. All these houses are stylish and affordable to suit your taste and budget.

Lively downtown

You’ve got no reason to be bored while staying in this town in Idaho. Meridian offers you various types of shops, restaurants, bars, and other forms of entertainment to keep residents busy.

Lively downtown Meridian ID Roof Repair and Replacement Service
High employment rate Meridian ID Roofers

High employment rate

In line with the city’s unstoppable growth, more jobs become available for its citizens, too. Many reputable businesses come to Meridian to offer new job opportunities such as the Blue Cross Shield of Idaho, St. Luke’s, Scentsy, Meridian School District, and others.

Clean and neat parks

If you love the outdoors, you will really enjoy the city’s parks. They are all clean and well-maintained to ensure everyone is safe while strolling or playing.

Clean and neat parks Meridian ID Roof Repair and Replacement Service
Easy access Meridian ID Roof Repair and Replacement Service

Easy access

Meridian has the perfect spot in the state which makes it easy to travel from one place to another. Going to surrounding areas and towns was made even faster with the construction widening of I-84.

Awesome entertainment and cultural areas

Despite the small land area it covers, Meridian still boasts some amazing entertainment and culture of different types to enjoy. For kids and adults, this town surely has some wonderful things to offer such as the racing go-carts at Wahooz, splashing down the water slides at Roaring Springs, and many more.


Outstanding Roofing System

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