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A house is only as good as its roof. If it cannot provide you with the right protection from above, your house could be no better than being outside. A roof leak is just one of the common problems that many property owners face. You never know that there’s something wrong with your roof until a hurricane or snowstorm comes and you see water dripping from your ceiling.

A simple roof leak can lead to some very serious conditions on your property. In the beginning, you will only see a small brown spot somewhere in your ceiling. For inexperienced property owners, such a sign could mean nothing but just fading paint. You can never know how dangerous this leak could be until you let experts check it out.

5 Common Roof Leaks

There’s a variety of reasons why roof leaks happen to any property. No matter how big or small it is, no home or business establishment is safe from this issue. Roof leaks can become worse if not diagnosed and repaired immediately.

Some of the usual causes of roof leaks include roof age, flashing, missing shingles, improper nailing, holes, and debris stuck in the gutter. Here is a quick description of how these causes affect your roof condition.

1. Age

Your roof is your number one defense against the changing weather outdoors. Over a certain period, the condition of the materials in your roof may start to deteriorate and become weak at keeping rainwater out. In such a case, your roof may become brittle and easily crack.

2. Flashing

The part of your roof where water runs down and is redirected away from chimneys or walls is called the flashing. If the nails on it are not properly placed or are missing, the possibility of the caulk becoming dry and cracked is most likely to occur.

3. Missing shingles

Your roof does not only shield you from the water brought about by hurricane or snowstorms but also with the strong winds that it carries. They are so strong that they can rip the shingles off your home, leaving a bare spot that’s hard to see from below. These bare spots may then lead to leaks in your roof that will grow larger over time, if not repaired immediately.

4. Improper nailing

Roofing nails that were overdriven or did not hit a good portion of the wood can lead to roof leaks as well. Similarly, the head of the nails that are not driven far enough or sideways may let water in during a rainy evening.

5. Holes

Some properties may have had holes on the roof in the past because of a removed TV antenna or a cable wire for the internet. Such holes can be the reason for some drops of water to get inside your ceiling.

What We Do Best

At Roofing Nampa ID, our years of excellent roofing service and 100% customer satisfaction are what we offer. We have the best group of expert roofers in town who are well-trained in repairing all types of roof leaks and other issues related. We value your family’s safety and trust as much as we value our job.

Keep in mind that the faster you could have those leaks checked, the better. The experts at Roofing Nampa ID offer inspection services, which saves you from having to climb up to the roof yourself. We are certified and highly recommended by our previous customers. We leave no spot undiagnosed at the beginning so we are sure that all roof issues are resolved before we leave. 

Our Services

Being the premier roofing company in the area, Roofing Nampa ID promises to be your one-stop shop for any roof concerns you may have. We perform roof diagnosis and other related services such as the following:

– Residential roofing

– Roof repair and installation

– New roof installation

– Siding

– Windows, Sky Lights, and doors

– Gutter installation and repair

Contact Us Today

Sleep better at night, whether it rains or shines with the assurance that you are covered safely from the top. Have your roof checked today and find out if there are any leaks in before it becomes a major problem. Our friendly team is happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment. Call us today at 208- 216-1123.

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