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Nampa, ID: An Amazing Getaway Place

With its total population of 100,200, Nampa is hailed as Canyon County’s largest city. It is also the second principal city of the Boise metropolitan area and the third most populated city in its state. 

The city was founded in 1886. Until irrigation made farming possible in the 1890s, it was a village in the grasslands desert. The name “Nampa” came from the Shoshone Indian leader, Nampuh, which means “Bigfoot.” Nampa is mainly a food-processing and shipping city, with some light manufacturing companies and technology companies.

The best times to visit Nampa are May through September—the most seasonable time of year. It goes without saying that December and January are the least comfortable months, although most love the town’s mild climate, outdoor recreations, and attractive setting. On the other hand, visitors and citizens may not find its entertainment, economic cycles, growth, and sprawl very pleasing.

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Nampa, Idaho Town Aerial View


Nampa’s Best Recreational Activities

Lakeview Park

The oldest yet still the most scenic attraction in Nampa, Idaho. It has more than 44 acres of land located along the entrance into Nampa from the Garrity exit. It is a community park where there are mature trees, covered picnic shelters with power, water, a lovely rose garden, and an amphitheater for concerts.

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Nampa Recreation Center Nampa ID Roofers

Nampa Recreation Center

The perfect venue for holding special family occasions such as birthday parties and anniversaries. The Nampa Recreation Center can be rented in two-hour blocks for any festivities requiring a venue. A maximum of 30 people can be accommodated here.

Warhawk Air Museum

According to the owner of the museum, the purpose of it is to teach and educate visitors about the real meaning of freedom and honor and what they cost. Here, you will get a closer look at the historic warbirds, warplanes, and personal memorabilia of WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, and Korean War as part of the displays.

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Wilson Spring Ponds Nampa ID Roofers

Wilson Spring Ponds

Take a tour here at Wilson Spring Ponds, which has 55 acres of nature area. It is a healthy habitat for wildlife, including beautiful birds that are a mixture of residents and migratory ones. You may find it also a popular urban fishing destination. Canyon County Parks, Idaho Fish, and Game Southwest Region all work together in keeping this area properly maintained.

Nampa Dog Park

Dog lovers and pet owners will love this place in Nampa for its animal-friendly area. It offers a safe place for both people and animals to socialize, exercise, and have fun. Dogs of all types will enjoy this 6-acre park for off-leash recreational activities.

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