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Windows, skylights, and doors are three components that add lighting, ventilation, and security to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. As the leading roofer in Nampa, Idaho, Treasure Valley, and its neighboring places, Roofer Nampa ID provides high-quality installation, repair, and replacement services for your windows, skylights, and doors.

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There are several types of windows that you can choose from before we fully install or replace yours. It’s important for you to select the appropriate type or style of window to complement the rest of the house or building while also improving its function. These are some types of windows:

Casement Windows

These are windows that open outwards and are hinged on the side. This is best suited for sunrooms or other areas of the house where you don’t want an obstructed view of the outside.

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Awning Windows

This type of window is hinged at the top and opens at the bottom, and it is commonly found at the top of larger windows or patio doors. This improves ventilation and allows more natural light to enter the room.

Single Hung Windows

This type has a fixed top sash and a liftable bottom window sash.

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Double Hung Windows - Roofing Nampa ID

Double Hung Windows

It has the same pattern as a single-hung window, except it has a top and bottom sash that can be lowered (top sash) and raised (bottom sash).

Garden Windows

This is best for areas where plants, flowers, or herbs are grown, and it is mostly used in the kitchen.


Specialty Shapes

With its combination of curves and rectangles, this is a type of window that is used as an accent to the structure. It also allows for a better view of the interior.


Skylights are built-in windows that serve as extra lighting sources. This is a fantastic and wise way to improve ventilation, not only in a home, but also in commercial or industrial buildings. When installing a skylight, it is critical to consider the shape, size, and style to best serve its purpose and function. Additional tasks such as drywalling, framing, painting, and many others may be required when installing a skylight. This is a job that should be done by a professional roofer.

Repairing a skylight also necessitates an inspection because it may be connected to leaks and interior damage. Based on that inspection, it is possible to determine whether a simple repair is plausible or whether a replacement is required. Roofer Nampa ID always knows what to do and has installed, repaired, and replaced skylights to maximize the function and beauty of the house or building.

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A door should have both aesthetic value and the ability to aid in security. Roofer Nampa ID provides excellent quality when it comes to creating, installing, repairing, or replacing this vital component of the home. Entry doors, patio doors, and storm doors are all examples of doors found in most homes. The entry door is usually the first thing that greets a person or visitor and is usually lavish or highly decorated.

A patio door is the busiest of all doors, especially when kids are around. It has to be long-lasting, low-maintenance, and highly functional. In the event of severe weather, the storm door provides protection from the elements. These are just a few examples of the most common types of doors. Roofer Nampa ID ensures that whatever type of door you need repaired or installed is both functional and fashionable.

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