New Roof Installation

A roof is a house’s workhorse, but the respect it deserves is not always given. Roofs that are not properly installed are frequently damaged by changing weather conditions. But you don’t have to worry about this at all if you have Roofer Nampa ID to handle your new roof installation project. We pay close attention to installation, design, functionality, and the type of materials to be used.

Our installation service includes looking into necessary components of the building such as the shingles, underlayment, deck protection, leak barriers, starter shingles, proper ventilation, and red cap shingles. Checking these components is very important because failure to do so in the initial inspection can lead to future damage, which means more repair jobs and more wasted money.

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Selection of the type of roof

The first thing that we’d like to discuss thoroughly with our clients is the type of roof they want to be installed. Each type of roof requires a specific skill set and procedure to properly install and maximize its use and value.

Asphalt Shingles

This kind of roof is cost-effective and easy to install. Because it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, it makes it possible to achieve flexible design goals. Before installing this type of roof, certain conditions must be met first and we will surely inform you about them.

Asphalt Shingles new roof installation
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Metal Roof

Metal is a popular construction and building material these days. Many have tried using it because of its durability and flexibility. Installing metal roofs is also practical and can improve the functionality of a building. As a skilled roofing contractor, Roofer Nampa ID can add aesthetic and practical value to your home’s structure by installing a metal roof.

Clay Tiles

This classic and expensive material is both visually appealing and long-lasting. The only disadvantage of installing this type of material is its weight, which necessitates the services of professional roofers. Don’t hesitate to call us here at Roofer Nampa ID because we are confident in our ability to successfully install this roofing material.

Clay tiles-new roof installation
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The pitch of the roof is one thing to consider as it has a significant impact on the appearance of the building. A pitch can be high-pitched or flat depending on the building structure and base. It is critical that your roofing contractor pays close attention to incorporating this aspect into the actual roof installation. For buildings that require eye-catching structure, our seasoned roofers here at Roofer Nampa ID can realize this plan for you.

Other Components

As previously stated, installing a new roof necessitates additional considerations. Roofers may need to think about the siding, windows, doors, attic, and other parts of the building that will be greatly affected by the installation. If not done professionally, the entire building may take on a sloppy appearance or, worse, require frequent repair and maintenance.

Roof installation on various types of buildings necessitates different handling, procedure, and technique. Roofer Nampa ID can provide you with the assurance of high-quality installation with a quick turnaround. Our team has gained knowledge over the years that assures our clients of a proper, long-lasting roof installation.

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If you need professional roofers to install your roof, Roofer Nampa, ID is the go-to company in Treasure Valley, Nampa, and the surrounding areas. Let’s connect today!