Residential Roofing Service in Boise, Idaho

Adventure Continues in Boise, ID

The 77th most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States; Boise is also the county seat of Ada County and the capital of Idaho. The city is located in the southwestern part of the state and is along the Boise River. Boise is protected from the Canadian Blizzards by the mountains in the north and thus, has mild winters and hot, dry summers.

“Boise” in the French language means “wooded,” which could be why it was named as such by the early French Canadian trappers in the area. Today, the city has a variety of industries growing successfully year after year, including agriculture, particularly in livestock and fruits. It has a total area of 80.05 square miles and is part of the Treasure Valley.

Roofing Service in Boise ID
Roofing Service in Boise ID


What It’s Like to Live in Boise?

State Capitol

Boise is home to the state capitol building. Boise became Idaho’s capital when it was moved to Boise on December 24, 1864. Inside the capitol are tunnels that connect it to the Supreme Court as well as other government buildings. Also, a full-scale replica of the Liberty Bell lies inside, which passersby can access and ring. It is one of 53 commissioned in 1950 by the U.S. Treasury Department.

State Capitol Residential Roofing Boise ID
Boise River Greenbelt Roofing Service Boise ID

Boise River Greenbelt

One of Boise’s most popular parks in the area. It is a 25-mile park that has a tree-line pathway, following the river through the center of Boise city. It is more like a greenway than a greenbelt for its linear features. Along the way, you’ll see some very scenic views of wildlife habitats and pedestrian ways.

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

The famous Anne Frank and her legacy live on in this memorial area. The stones in this place bear quotes about the struggles and injustice people experienced throughout history. There are also some words of wisdom, aspiration, hope, and kindness.

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial Boise ID Residential Roofing Service
Camels Back Park Boise ID Residential Roofing Service

Camel’s Back Park

Whether you like walking, biking, or hiking, Camel’s Back Park is the favorite spot to go for both visitors and residents. It is also the gateway to Hull’s Gulch Reservation and the Boise Foothills. Camel’s Back Park is an 11-acre city park at the North End of Boise, which was donated by former mayor John Lemp in 1932.

World Center for Birds of Prey

Birds of prey like falcons, condors, eagles, and other species are taken care of in this shelter before they are released to the wild. They are kept in the center for observational research and breeding. Children and adults would certainly enjoy the activities here, such as having a close view of the birds, educational exhibits, live raptor presentations, and many more.

World Center for Birds of Prey Boise ID Residential Roofing Service
Idaho Botanical Garden Boise ID Residential Roofing Service

Idaho Botanical Garden

A scenic view awaits visitors to this garden which features 14 specialty gardens that include a Contemporary English Garden to a Meditative Garden. Each garden has a landscaped focus on something new and unique. In addition, 107 varieties of roses are also found in this botanical garden in the heirloom Rose Garden.

Who Do You Call for Roofing Services?

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Residential Roofing Service in Boise ID

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